Self-Criticism: How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

Greetings fellow Mindful Traveler!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written.  Life has taken some unexpected twists and turns (as it always seems to do) but I have been feeling creative lately and wanted to share with you my latest creation – I started a YouTube Channel called Mindful Therapy for Anxiety.

Instead of written content, I am going to create free video content, and plan to send out updates on new videos to this newsletter as well.

Please enjoy my first video Self-Criticism: How to Stop Beating Yourself Up (and start being kind to yourself) below:

Thank you so much for supporting my new channel, and feel free to share it with anyone that could benefit.  My hope is that these videos provide helpful insights to you as you walk your mindful journey!

Until next month,
Ellis Edmunds, Psy.D.