Therapy for Working Professionals

As an adult in the Bay Area, life can be stressful.  Between your job, relationships, and all your responsibilities, life can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you are feeling burnt out at your work, or struggling in a significant relationship in your life.  Anxiety might be overwhelming and affecting your life in an unmanageable way.

Maybe you have been putting off doing something for your own mental health for some time.

I know how hard it can be navigating these areas of your life.  I’ve helped many adults working in the tech industry, non-profits, and other corporations find relief from their overwhelming work stress.

I’ve helped many adults struggling with conflict in romantic relationships or difficulty taking care of themselves with family members.

If you’re here, it is probably because you are wanting a space for you to work through these difficulties in your life.  You want a time where you can focus on your own well-being and be kinder to yourself.

You deserve to have a life filled with meaning and purpose and to have a peaceful relationship with yourself.

Are you ready to start therapy? It would be an honor to support you.


Call me at 510-473-5083 or email to ask any questions and schedule an initial appointment.