Therapy for Men

Growing up as a man in today’s world presents a unique set of challenges.

You may have grown up with some of the following messages:

  • “It is not OK to be emotional”
  • “It is not OK to be vulnerable”
  • “You must be successful and make lots of money”
  • “It’s not OK to be too masculine or too feminine”
  • “You cannot ask for help, even when you need it”

I am passionate about working with men in therapy.  Many of the messages men receive may discourage them from being in therapy.  It may seem like you are admitting you are “weak” by being in therapy.

However, I see starting therapy as a way of telling yourself “all parts of me are valuable.”

Oftentimes, men grow up developing a connection with their physical bodies (through sports or physical activities) or their minds (through education), but are discouraged from looking at their emotional side.

Through therapy, I often help men look at their emotional landscape that has been neglected.  Our emotions are valuable parts of who we are as men and a key to finding confidence and peace in the world.

Therapy can also provide a safe space to explore your relationships.  Men are often discouraged from discussing intimate relationship struggles with others.  I’ve found that therapy is a welcome opportunity to explore your concerns and hopes for your relationships.

If you are a man reading this, I hope you consider therapy as a valuable investment into your own mental and emotional well-being.  You can also find me on the men’s therapy directory website.

Call me at 510-473-5083 or email to ask any questions and schedule an initial appointment.  It would be an honor to connect with you.