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I work with Bay Area professionals that feel overwhelmed with their life and find themselves in a battle with anxiety.

My clients often lose sleep because their minds keep racing – worrying about relationships or stressing about work.

Some have had panic attacks or struggle with obsessive thoughts.  They can be perfectionistic and self-critical.

They wish they could just “turn off” their anxious mind.  And they often worry “will my anxiety ever get better?”

If you are suffering from anxiety and are tired of feeling so stressed all the time, I’m glad you are here.

Relief from Anxiety

Let’s let go of the struggle and get relief from anxiety once and for all.Ellis Edmunds, Psy.D. - Therapy for Anxiety in Rockridge, Oakland, CA

My name is Ellis Edmunds and I am a licensed psychologist in Rockridge, Oakland, California.  My style is warm, collaborative, and compassionate.  I provide:

To heal anxiety, I help people cultivate 5 important practices that I call MAGIC.

Mindfulness – Being in the present moment with acceptance.

Action – Taking actions that align with your values.

Gratitude – Being grateful for all that life has to offer.

Insight – Understanding and attuning to yourself.

Compassion – Loving yourself even in the difficult times.

In our therapeutic journey together, we will cultivate these 5 practices in a supportive, accepting space.

Through therapy, my clients start sleeping more peacefully, are more present in their relationships, and have more focus at work.  They connect with their values and start living the life they want to live.

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“Ellis is a thoughtful and attuned therapist. I recommend him without reservation.”       

-Sharon Bass, PhD.

Licensed Psychologist PSY27058


Struggling with an Anxious Mind?

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