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In case you missed it, you can find all the past Monthly Mindfulness Newsletters below.

March 2017 – Tips for Mindfully Healing Anxiety

April 2017 – Mindfully Relating to Fear

May 2017 – Does trying to control your emotions work?

June 2017 – Mindful Self-Compassion for Life’s Difficulties

July 2017 – Mindfully Managing Life’s Change and Transitions

August 2017 – Taking a Vacation from your Anxious Mind

September 2017 – The Problem with Problem Solving (Your Emotions)

October 2017 – 5 Ways Mindfulness can Improve your Relationships

November 2017 – Why It Can be So Damn Hard to be Kind to Ourselves

December 2017 – Becoming a more loving person

January 2018 – New Year’s Directions (not resolutions)

February 2018 – 6 Ways to Love Mindfully

March 2018 – How Can I be Kind to Myself?

April 2018 – Mindfully Feeling like Sh*t

May 2018 – Setting Boundaries with Love

June 2018 – Can Spirituality Heal Anxiety?

July 2018 – How Self-Compassion Heals Anxiety

August 2018 – Healing Anxiety with MAGIC

September 2018 – Making Friends with our Anxiety and Fear

October 2018 – What is the Opposite of Fear and Anxiety? 5 Qualities of Love

November 2018 – [Free Audio] What is Mindfulness? 4 Components of SOAP

December 2018 – Vulnerability is Power

February 2019 – Are you Bulldozing your Emotions?

March 2019 – A Personal Story of Being with Difficult Emotions

April 2019 – From Burnout to Self-Love (a personal story)

May 2019 – From Anxious to Mindful (a personal story of finding meditation)

June 2019 – 4 Ways to Connect with Others on a Deep Level

July 2019 – How to Love your “Inner Child”

September 2019 – The Universe is Your Mirror (a valuable tool for self-discovery)

October 2019 – Knowing Your Emotional A, B, C’s (part 1)

November 2019 – Knowing Your Emotional A, B, C’s (part 2)

December 2019 – Knowing Your Emotional A, B, C’s (the finale)

February 2020 – A Personal Story of Self-Compassion and Inner Child Work

March 2020 – 3 Ways to Mindfully be with Fear

April 2020 – How the Coronavirus is “Waking Up” the Planet

May 2020 – How to Love the Parts of Us that Hurt

June 2020 – The Loving Power of Anger

August 2020 – Can You Change Your Family, Coworker, or Spouse?

October 2020 – Why We Resist Things that are Good for Us

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