New Year’s Directions (not resolutions)

Greetings fellow mindful travelers,

As we let go of 2017 and enter into 2018, it feels like a wonderful time to reflect on where we have gone and look to where we want to go.

Let’s take some moments to look back on our steps in 2017.  Some questions for contemplation/journaling:

-What lessons did you learn?

-What went well?

-What actions did you take?

-Did you act on your values in 2017?

-How was your health? Work? Relationships? Spiritual life? Time for leisure?

Take some time to reflect on how your 2017 was…

Go ahead, I’ll wait….


Great!  The good news is, no matter how your 2017 went, you can always adjust your direction.

So instead of making goals or specific achievements for the new year, I want to talk about directions.  Chosen life directions.  Also known as values.

As we look ahead to 2018, we get to choose our direction of our life.

What direction do you want to go?  In your relationships?  Work?  Health?  Spirituality?  Leisure?  Other areas of your life?

What kind of person do you want to be, in those areas of your life?

If in 2017 you had been traveling down a road that did not work for you, it’s time to stop and readjust your direction.  And start putting one foot in front of the other toward that new direction.

It does not matter how fast you get to where you are going.  Or that you get the exact outcome that you want.  That is not that important.

What matters is that you know what direction you want to go.  And you start going there.

Instead of “losing 20 pounds,” how about “going in the direction of body health.”  In other words, let’s set our intention.

By focusing on values, rather than goals, you can instantly find success.  All it takes is awareness and readjustment and you are instantly successful.

Values are not something you can achieve and they have no end point – they are always present and always available to step into.

Instead of “only 10 more pounds to go!” it is “with every action I take, am I going in the direction of body health?”

Measure your success by the direction you are going, not by the result.

After ever interaction you can ask yourself: “Did I act on my values?”  Instead of: “Did things turn out how I wanted them?”

Let go of the result-oriented approach.  Let go of controlling outcomes.

Focus on what you can control: Your actions and your direction.  Focus there and measure your success by that.

Make 2018 the year of intention, values, and direction.

One step at a time, we find our way.  With mindfulness, we notice if we are on path or off our path.  And with an open heart and courage, we take steps toward what matters.

This is your life.  These are your choices.

Notice.  Choose. And make 2018 the most mindful and intentional year yet!

Until next time,

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