The Admirable Courage to Start Therapy

I love therapy.  I’ve spent a good portion of my life studying therapy, being a client in therapy, and doing therapy.

While there is much written about the process of therapy, I want to speak to the time before therapy even starts.

It is important to acknowledge that taking the steps to come to therapy is not always easy.

So if you have thought about starting therapy, congratulate yourself for setting the intention to do something about your mental and emotion health.

When things start to “go wrong” in our lives – a relationship falls apart, we have a panic attack, our depression keeps us in bed all day — we might try to “push through it” or deny the pain that we are feeling.

And this works for a time.  But if it starts to spiral into more severe suffering, we start to think that we need to do something about it.

Those moments, when we know we need to do something about it – are courageous moments.

We are saying: I need help.  I am vulnerable.  And I am putting my trust in someone else to help me.

That is a powerful moment of self-honesty.

It is not an easy thing for most of us to admit.

The next step – actually reaching out to a therapist – again, is an incredibly brave action.

Maybe you reach out and never hear back.  And give up.

How discouraging!

Keep trying.

You deserve the best help there is.

Let’s say you get to talk to a therapist and set up a first appointment.

Great!  Again, that is a courageous step.

But more fear shows up then too – What will it be like?  Is this going to help?  Will I like my therapist?

These are all reasonable and normal fears.

When you arrive at your first session, your courage to show up and share about yourself speaks volumes about your maturity level.

Not only that, but your willingness to invest your time and money into getting help shows how much you really care about your life.

When I first meet a new client, I know how much courage they already have for showing up.

How much fear and difficulty they have faced on their path leading up to our first meeting.

I want to say how moved I am to anyone who takes that first step to start therapy, especially for the first time.

Some people may think that it is the therapist that should be looked up to for doing what they do.

That the therapist has it all figured out.

And I understand that point of view.

But from my perspective, it is my clients that I admire the most.

I admire your courage to show up.  I admire your willingness to look at yourself, your life, your patterns, and share yourself with someone you just met.

That is what truly makes therapy transformational.

I am here to hold space for all that you bring into therapy.  To be your guide and offer perspective on your journey of life.

But you take the steps in your life, the action, and you bring the willingness to open up to me.

And for that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of your transformation.

To be able to witness your courage in taking the steps to start therapy and commit to trying new behaviors in your life.

So for that, I thank you, and stand here in admiration for your courage to start the journey toward a more fulfilling rich life, whatever that means for you.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with anxiety and could use the support of a professional, it would be an honor to be of service.  Contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.